Tired of dealing with Facebook Account Bans, Business Manger Shutdowns and Profiles Being Disabled? Want to start running YouTube ads for offline and service based businesses?

It's time to turn the page

It's the worst number in business, ONE.

  • One client
  • One traffic source
  • One audience or ad

As marketers we need to have more than one way to achieve our end goal be it a lead, opt-in, sale or a phone call.

Facebook has been one of the top choices for thousands of marketers for several years now, but the complexities of account shut downs has many of us running with our tail between our legs wondering...

Will I be able to run ads tomorrow?

Next week?

Next month?

It's time to diversify and I'm going to show you how in Local YouTube Mastery. Discover how to run YouTube ads for offline businesses, and leverage your other traffic sources such as Facebook to get YouTube ads up and running FAST!

Course curriculum

  • 1

    START HERE - Introduction

    • Welcome! - Watch me first.

    • The 30,000 Ft Overview

    • Components We Will Cover about YouTube Ads

    • Basics of Youtube Ads

    • Setting up a YouTube Channel

    • Using Discussions to Get Quetsions Answered

  • 2

    YouTube ads Targeting

    • WHAT/WHERE/WHO of Targeting for Youtube Ads



    • Performing Youtube Audience Intel

    • Your Funnel

    • Your Funnel

    • Google Analytics, Goals and Audience Selection

    • COURSE EXAMPLE - Choosing Audiences to Target

  • 3

    Your Offer and Video Script

    • #11 What's your offer? Discussion about offers

    • Your Script & Voice Over

    • Questions to Ask Clients to for Offer/Script

    • STRATEGIES for writing your scripts

    • COURSE EXAMPLE - Crafting the offer

    • Course Example - Writing a Script

  • 4

    Creating Your First Videos

    • Youtube Competitive Research

    • Tips for Creating Good Video Ads

    • Video Creative Overview

    • Creating Your First Video PART 1

    • Creating Your First Video PART 2

    • Creating Your First Video PART 3

    • Creating Your First Video PART 4

    • Creating a FAST Voice Over with Speechelo

    • COURSE EXAMPLE: Creating Real Estate Video

    • COURSE EXAMPLE: Finished Real Estate Video

    • Creating a Vidnami Video with Speechelo Voice Over

  • 5

    Campaign Tracking (left to right)

    • The Tracking problem we are all facing

    • Why This Tracking Work

    • Elements of the Left to Right Tracking Strategy

    • The Actual Tracking Setup in Google

    • Reviewing an Actual Funnel Left to Right Style

    • How to Fix What is Broken in Your Funnel

  • 6

    Youtube Campaign Build & Launch

    • WAYS to Structure your Campaigns

    • Building Your First campaign

    • Understanding Bidding - Max Conversions vs TCPA

    • Setting up Branded Search

    • Setting Up Retargeting Audiences

    • Creating Google Custom Audiences

  • 7

    Optimizing YouTube Campaigns



    • How to avoid Video Ad "BURNOUT" and what to do about it

    • "TAMING" Campaigns with tCPA

    • The "STALL" effect on YouTube and how to avoid it.

    • How to Test New Audiences and Creatives (video ads)

    • Reviewing Initial Campaign Results

    • How to Analyze Location & Device Reports

    • Using Audience Insights

    • Scaling Campaigns and Results

    • Analyzing Your Funnel for Improvement

  • 8

    Advanced Strategies for Youtube Ads

    • Segmenting Campaigns for Improved Performance

    • How to Scale Your Youtube Campaigns

    • Testing YouTube Lead Ads

  • 9

    Google Discovery

    • What is Google Discovery

    • Ad Formats and Landers for Discovery

    • Targeting & Bidding for Discovery Campaigns

    • Setting up a Discovery campaign

  • 10

    Bonus Strategies

    • Retargeting on YouTube

    • Retargeting on Google Discovery

    • Retargeting on Google Display Network

    • Always Be Testing

  • 11


    • Duct Cleaning - Script

    • Duct Cleaning - Landing Page

  • 12

    Live Q & A Calls

    • March 10th 2021

    • March 17 2021

    • March 24th 2021

    • April 14th 2021

    • April 21st 2021

    • April 28th 2021

    • May 12th 2021

    • May 19th 2021

    • May 26th 2021

    • June 9th 2021

    • June 16th 2021